Truisms about generics

When pharmaceutical company products are copied from ingredients at the same dosage, then drugs are generic. Because it copies company drugs, side effects and risks are similar. Such preparations should work just like company preparations. As a rule, company drugs are capitalized, and generics are not.

Some buyers are worried about generics prices. People believe that if such production is cheaper, it means that it also has lower quality. In this case, quality is not in doubt. Even FDA has expressed an opinion that such medicines are safe.

They should understand that such drugs are cheaper because producers do not spend money on their promotion. Market entry of a product costs a lot! Marketing is also expensive. Big expenses should pay off. Company invests the money in promotion of new product. What do you think about how difficult it is to get a patent for a product? But at the same time, if you get a patent, you can earn considerably more, as you can exclusively sell product. Exclusive law usually takes about 180 days, after which the new licenses appear on the market.

When the patent expires, FDA may allow the sale of generic versions of the drug. Their price is lower because they do not need market promotion. Other companies are allowed to produce generic drugs, but they have to prove that the products they sell are similar and contain the same active ingredients.

If you believe that equipment for manufacturing such preparations does not meet the required standards, you are mistaken. Standards are respected, you do not need to worry about them.

The reasons for restlessness remain. Among these there are not a few forgeries, but this problem is easy to solve: you only need to find a reputable pharmacy that sells the product. You will not have problems with certified pharmacies like Germany-Medicare selling only legal drugs.

Generic medicines are not up to par with their corporate analogs, but if produced by an unknown company, the quality requirements may vary. There are several well-known Indian pharmaceutical companies that produce low-cost and low-quality generic medicines.

Besides, it is wrong to think that such preparations work differently, or their duration of action differs from what company products offer. Generic industry is growing steadily from year to year.

Generics are divided into two groups:

  • Biogenerics, also called bioanalogens. According to the FDA position, such preparations are difficult to certify because it is difficult to make a complete copy of the product. There are thus different opinions on this question.
  • Authorized generics are not really generic. These are the same products that are sold as generics. It may sound weird, but it is rewarding for some companies to act that way to earn more. Such hidden product is sold by departments of the manufacturer, so that one could also get discharges for use of the patent.
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